The Live Coaches

Is a project I started during Covid, together with Artist Branding & Social Media Coach Melanie Esther. As The Live Coaches, we help artists translate their unique message or story to a gripping live experience on stage.

Our mission is to share and democratize the knowledge and skills that artists need to level up their storytelling. We believe that pop music-artists are in the ideal position to function as catalyzers to create more meaningful connection in times of division.

What we need now more than ever is more curiosity, better listening, and a better narrative. Artists are the ones that we in our popular culture look to, to model these skills. If they do better, we all do better.

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Disclaimer for non-Dutch speakers
For now, The Live Coaches focusses on the Dutch live music industry and therefore will be in Dutch only. However, we are ambitious in our effort and might switch to English to extend our reach sometime in the future.